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A place where people of all ages can practice yoga with top instructors in a way that fully respects the original principles of these techniques. Choose from plenty of open lessons or visit one of our comprehensive courses.

Opening hours:

Pondělí – Pátek
7:00 – 19:00
(break from 13:00 to 16:00)
Weekends follow the classes schedule.


Žena cvičící jógu

11 years of experience

Professional lecturers

Large selection of lessons and exercise styles

For beginners and advanced

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Frequently asked questions

I am going to come to the studio for the first time. How do I register?

We are glad you have chosen our studio.

In the schedule, click on the class you have chosen and the system will guide you to create an account.

You can either buy a single entry or deposit some credit into your account

Does the studio accept payment/debit/ credit cards?


I have never practised yoga. Which class should I choose?

Yoga is suitable for every person regardless of age or experience. If you are a beginner, we recommend you choose a gentle style such as hatha yoga, hatha flow or iyengar yoga. Come and try any class you want, and if you enjoy it, you can sign up for a course for beginnersand gradually improve your yoga skills.

Popular classes of vinyasa yoga are not suitable for beginners. The reason for this is that transitions between the positions are smooth and relatively fast, which can cause health problems to beginners.

Are mats and props available in the studio?

Yes. In our studio, mats and all necessary tools are available for free. For hygienic reasons, we recommend that everyone bring their own mat.

You can buy a mat in our studio. We will credit up to 20% of the price of the mat to your account.

Are all classes suitable for pregnant women?

For pregnant women, it is possible to exercise only after the first trimester has finished, and even in this case you may attend only lessons designed for pregnant women. Our studio does not currently offer these classes.

Can the classes be paid for from benefit employee programs?

Yes. We have contracts with most providers of these benefits (Edenred, Sodexo,, Benefity plus). Taking into consideration the commission we pay to the agents, it is possible to pay – for individual classes, courses or as a credit – not more than 50% of the amount inform of benefit points and the remaining 50% must be paid in cash/by payment, debit or credit card.

Is it possible to leave a bike in the premises of the studio while I attend a class?

Unfortunately, due to the size of the studio, it is not possible to leave a bike neither in the premises of the studio, nor in the corridor of the house.

What happens if I cannot attend an already booked class?

If you cancel your attendance 3 hours before the class starts, we will credit the money to your account. If you have bought a single-entry attendance, the amount will not be credited, but it can be used another time.

Exempted are morning lessons and Saturday morning lessons when the deadline for cancellation of the registration is 12hours before the beginning of the class.

If you cancel the attendance later than mentioned above, we will credit 50% of the amount to your account immediately, and the other 50% in case someone else registers in your place.

If you buy a single-entry attendance, the amount will be forfeited.

Is it possible to use a Multisport card?

  • We accept the Mulstisport card for all 60 min lessons (not for courses and workshops)
  • As we have a limited number of MS cards for each lesson, it is better to make a reservation
  • Reservations can be made by purchasing a lesson called "Multisport reservation". If you attend the lesson or cancel in time, this deposit will be returned to the customer's account after the lesson
  • Multiple bookings can be purchased with only 1 booking being refundable. Others need to be practiced in the studio in other lessons. For a refund of the deposit or to transfer other deposits to credit for their use, write us an email.


Exercise regularly with us and get a bonus of up to 15%.

If you come to the studio at least 5 times during this time, we will return 10% of the spent amount back to your bonus account.

You can use the bonus points to pay for any class you choose. If you come 10 times, we will return 15% of the money spent to the bonus account.

Where you can find us

We are located in the center of Prague. The best way to reach us is on foot or by metro and tram to the Národní třída stop. We look forward to seeing you!

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