Rosibel Marquez

Deconstructing the Biomechanics of the Vinyasa practice! with Rosibel

This course contains key anatomy explanations and mechanical laws of the movements
of the yoga postures and Vinyasa practice.

🌻 There are postures, and specific movements to enter and to get out of the postures in
the Vinyasa practice that by my experience haven not been well defined or explained
properly to the practitioners, and consequently the execution of these postures and
movements are left in a limbo.

🌻 With this course we want YOU to REDISCOVER and LEVEL UP your Vinyasa practice
by understanding the ANATOMY involve in specific postures and the principles of the
BIOMECHANICS of the movement of this postures in order to have a clear
understanding of HOW TO and WHY these postures and movements should be done in
certain way, being explicit about the technique, to UNLOCK access of certain yoga
postures and to get the results you want.

Improve your knowledge, your body awareness and have the most wanted AHA
MOMENT in your practice!

🌱 Learn anatomy while you deepen and advance your yoga practice.
🌱 Improve awareness of your body and proprioception
🌱 Understand Biomechanics
🌱 Access a wider range of postures

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