Advanced Yin yoga teacher training s Angelou Jervis-Read

Expand your knowledge as a yin yoga teacher to create inspiring and life-changing experiences for your students.

Date: May 20-25 2023 (8:00-17:00)

Price: TBA

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  • Review and deepen your knowledge of the twelve organ meridians
  • Discover and learn to apply the wisdom of the Five-Elements to yourself and in the classroom
  • Practice medical Qi-gong and learn powerful acupressure points
  • Practice and learn to teach Somatic Yin Yoga
  • Study Lou Tzu’s, Tao Te Ching. A beautiful collections of poetry that illuminates the Way to a meaningful, harmonious life

Meridian Review

Advanced Yin Yoga begins with an in-depth review of the twelve organ meridians, including their locations, their physical, mental and emotional qualities, and the postures that regulate them.

The Five Elements

Next we will travel through the phases of the Wu-xing, commonly translated as the Five Elements. Breaking down the seasons, physical mental and emotional qualities of each element, you’ll learn which element is most prominent in you. Knowing your dominant element will help to inform your life choices and your optimal healing paths.

Case studies will provide us with the opportunity to apply the wisdom of the five elements to common ailments like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and trauma. Finally, we will apply this knowledge in a broader sense and design classes that are in-tune with the seasons.

Qi-Gong and Acupressure

Each day you’ll be introduced to a Qigong set that supports the health of each organ meridian pair. Acupressure points will be layered in to facilitate healing at the energetic level. Learn how to integrate Qigong and acupressure into a yin yoga class.

Somatic Yin Yoga

The daily practice in this program will include a Somatic Yin Yoga class. Blending somatic techniques like grounding, orienting, titration and pendulation with yin yoga accelerates the healing process at the deepest levels of our psyche. This technique is an incredible way to re-write our stories.

The intention of Somatic Yin Yoga is to take the student deep into their subconscious experience. By drawing the practitioners attention inward, they have an opportunity to shine the light of awareness onto the physical impressions of their past. Hardwired stories, that are often charged with emotion, begin to loose their power. Chronic, unexplainable pain  diminishes, and the potential to experience life in the present, improves.

In this program, you will learn how to develop a somatic script for your classes.  Your words will gently weave together techniques like body-based mindfulness (Vipassana and Somatics), Pranayama (breath work), and yin yoga. Your voice becomes a hand, that your student can hold, as they move through their subconscious mind.  

Uniting awareness and sensation through the guidance of a teacher, can help to release the student from their preprogrammed habitual thinking. Once liberated from the impressions of our past, we can revitalize an attitude of curiosity, joy and the willingness to experience the newness of each and every moment.


The spirit of the Tao will be infused through-out the whole program. Together we will contemplate and discuss the poetry of the Tao Te Ching, Lou Tzu’s beautiful insights on how to live a peaceful, harmonious life.  Draw on this rich body of insight to create meaningful, life-changing experiences for your students.


Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training will be held at the  Yogame studio

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