Mark Das: Handstands Workshop

We are happy to announce Mark Das is about to come to Yogame to maste your Handstands :)

Mark Das: Handstands Workshop


The focus of this basic workshop series is on the foundations of a solid handstand. You will learn about handstand preparation, correct alignment, balance strategies, spotting, and how to program your own training. This will translate into an understanding of how to get into a handstand accurately, stay in it comfortably, and get out safely.


This intermediate workshop series is designed for people who already have a regular handstand practice. You will learn the foundational handstand shapes, the different entries to handstand, the way to refine your practice, and how to program your own handstand training. The last hour of each day will be an assisted self-practice so that Mark can help you with your personal goals.

markdasMARK DAS

Mark is an international yoga teacher who specialises in the art of hand balancing. The central pillar of his unconventional teaching style emphasises unlocking new movement patterns.

Mark encourages his students to be proactive, think critically, and ask questions. He is happiest seeing his students thrive and prefers teaching in a setting that allows for personal attention.

Prerequisite: wall-supported handstand for 30 seconds and not afraid to kick up.