Acro jóga seminář

Lisu-Marii již od nás ze studia znáte. 

Kromě Vinyasa jógy učí Lisa i Acro jógu. Na pomoc si přivedla kamarádku a vynikající jogínku Bernadett Rompos. 

Seminář bude v AJ. 

Pokud se chcete kromě klasických asán přidat i "létání" a akrobacii...potom je seminář právě pro vás :)

Lisa-Marie Wakenshaw

  • Morning part, 3 hours, AcroYoga FUNdamentals

Learning AcroYoga basics, basing, spotting and flying in a safe enviroment. We´ll also play with some fun upside down asanas, like handstands and spotting. 

Suitable for everyone. No need to bring a partner....everyone will always be given one. 

  • Afternoon part, 2 hours, Flying Therapeutics & Thai massage

Exploring further in to the world of Acrobatics and Therapeutic Flying which is a mix of AcroYoga and Thaimassage. Imagine learning how to give someone a massage while flying them on your hands and feet ( or even better...imagine being the flyer!)

  • What is AcroYoga?

AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection and play. Acro in Greek means high or elevated. Yoga in Sanskrit commonly translates to notions of union or joining. The experience of taking flight with AcroYoga instatnly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust and union. By combining acrobatics, yoga and healing arts, the practice of AcroYoga has built a community of active teachers and practitioners all over the world. 

This seminar is open to everyone. no metter strenght or previous experience with yoga!!! :)