Ashtanga training with Day Christensen 19.-23.2. 2018

While the training contents following workshops is dedicated both to beginning and advanced students, a minimum of experience in Ashtanga Yoga is required to attend the Led Class.


Asana Clinic and functional movement 

This is a workshop designed to cover the bases of the main movement patterns in yoga and how we can best develop strenght, flexibility and overall control in our practice, all while avoiding injury. There will be plenty of room for discussion, questions, trial and demonstration. 

Jumping, lifting, floating, flying

This workshop is meant to explore ways to fefine a seasoned practicioner ´s skills in yoga. We will work through the main obstacles or "hidden locks" that prevent students from experiencing the lightness, grace and strength of a master. We will work on various techniques for jump throughs and jump backs, headstands, forearm stands, handstands and more. this will be a fun, light-hearted class with lots of room for exploration, hands-on adjustments and questions. 

Integrated backbending

We will explore ways to work with backbends that will focus on how to build openess in the front side of the body, open your hips and shoulders and inspire overal strength, making the common sore back a thing of the past. We will look at some alignment principles and practices that can forever take the painful and unfomfortable associations with the lower back and transform them into the exillerating experience they can be. Through strength is not often associated with deep backbends and more flexibility is emphasized. You will walk a way with a new understanding of the important role strength plays in your backbends and over-all health of your spine. Compound that with good form and you will gain some new insights into the power of deep backbends. Practices and a demonstration will be included to guide you to eventually stand and drop back from urhva dhanurasana on your own.

Vinyasa counts

This workshop will focus mainly on the science of vinyasa: the breaths and how they are connected to specific movements in and out of the postures of the primary series. The vinyasas or movements are are traditionally counted in sanskrit while the asanas or postures are held and counted in english. The workshop will clarify these vinyasas and shed some light on some of the more difficult transitions and postures in primary series. This workshop is ideal for practicioners who feel that ashtanga yoga is too hard, too confusing, too complicated and have felt defeated by the practice before they have ever begun. Also it can be useful to long- time students who want to gain clarity and begin to memorize. Either way, you will walk away with new understanding and confidence that all of these things are possible with a llitle patience and a lot of practice


For whom:

Everyone with at least a minimum of experience in Ashtanga Yoga.




Monday  19.2. 2018

8:30  start, check-in

9:00-11:00  Mysore class

11:00-13:15  Break

13:15-15:45  Asana clinic and functional movement

15:45-16:15  Q&A, Conference

Tuesday 20.2. 2018

09:00-11:00   Mysore class

11:00-13:15    Break

13:15 - 15:45   Jumping, lifting, floating, flying part I

Wednesday  21.2. 2018

09:00-11:00    Mysore class

11:00-13:15      Break

11:00-15:45      Jumping, lifting, floating, flying part II

Thursday 22.2. 2018

9:00-11:00   Mysore class

11:00-13:15  Break

13:15-15:45  Backbending part I

Friday  23.2. 2018

09:00-11:00   Led class

11:00- 13:15   Break

13:15 - 15:15   Backbending part II

15:15-15:45    Q&A, Conference

Please note: The above is subject to change and will be modified according to the needs of the students on the workshop



About Day:

Day Christensen is a Level II Authorized Teacher from the K. Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India. Day began her yoga practice in 2004 after receiving her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her college years as a fine arts major, a lifelong interest in yogic philosophy began to surface. She incorporated the study of yoga with her academic pursuits. Through the reading of sacred and historical texts proved to be interesting, it was lacking one major aspect: experience. With many signs pointing her in the direction of yoga, she took up the practice and began to gain the experience she was missing from study alone.

Asana required a different type of strength and mobility that she had not bargained for as a former athlete. Despite the frustration and challenges she often met on the beginning path of yoga, she continued and found a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.

Today Day is an enthusiastic student of Ashtanga Yoga, practicing in lineage of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, having completed the Intermediate series and learning the Third series under R. Sharath Jois’s guidance.

Day’s teachings are born from her own disciplined and dedicated practice. She encourages students to challenge themselves physically, while, at the same time, be easy mentally. She is thrilled to share what she has learned with students in Miami and around the world.